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Specializing in murals, portraits, 
 illustrative fantasy & sci-fi paintings 
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Known more commonly as "SIRIUS" or "THE DOG STAR" throughout the Eurocentric world, the brightest star in the sky has for centuries been refered to as "TWO DOG STAR" by the Dogon tribe of West Africa. It was from there, so their ancient stories tell us, that the Gods came forth, bringing with them the gift of Hemp which until then had presumably been unknown on Earth.

Better than 11 light years away, it wasn't discovered until the mid-1800s—or at least not by modern astronomers—that the Dog Star was actually a binary star system—a Two Dog Star?

This is a somewhat whimsical scene depicting a hypothetical planet in orbit about the double star, featuring magenta clouds, gigantic upright aquamarine crystals, cannabis and other vegetation, all centered about a pool and a waterfall in which mystical beings occasionally reveal themselves.

Thirty two (32) inches in diameter by approximately one inch thick, this Visionary wonder is rendered with acrylic paint on canvas, stretched over a sturdy wooden hoop.  I painted this one in 1998.

Jack Daws Love My Big Quartz Sphynx >

Oil on stretched canvas
40" x 60"

Painted in 2006 with only a palette knife

< Pollenation

Oil on stretched canvas
20" x 16"

After eschewing oil paints for over 20 years, I painted this one evening in early Spring of 2000 in less than an hour and a half!

Part of a series painted "en plein air" in Ashland's Lithia Park in the year 2000, sometime around the first of June.  The creek was flowing strong beneath a brand new bridge (the flood of 1998 destroyed the old one), the rhododendrons were in full bloom, and there were kids and hippies and hippy-kids and just about everbody else hanging out on the lawn, just across a stone wall at my back, between myself and the duck pond, singing songs, playing guitar and smoking marijuana. I was actually weed-free for better than a month at that time, having begun what would evolve into a two and a half year fast from the sacred herb.

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 9" x 12".


These are the Blues Police, or I suppose I should say this is

  'The Blues Police' 

which I painted mostly while on the road to and from Eugene in 1997, dealing with a pseudo-domestic crisis which erupted less than a week before I was scheduled for a First Friday exhibit at Listen Here.

An odd shape and size, the circular part is 32 inches in diameter (stretched on one of two wooden hoops I picked up at the Goodwill for a quarter apiece) backed by a pentagon, 26 inches on each side and fashioned from ordinary stretcher bars.

YES, that's Captain Belchfire in the middle!




Bilbo and the Trolls

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 16" x 20", 1989.

My second painting of this subject matter, taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, the first having been destroyed in an apartment fire five years before.  A sentimental favorite, I sort of missed it so I painted it again!


Stairway to Middle Earth

Another Tolkien inspired masterpiece dating back to around 1988. Actually, it also incorporates many lyrical elements from the Led Zeppelin song, Stairway to Heaven (if that helps to explain the title) much of which Robert Plant similarly appropriated from Tolkien.

22" x 28", Acrylic on stretched canvas



Down by the Old Mill Stream, 2006     
I painted this one for my girlfriend's mom and gave her a really great deal!      
Want a really great deal on a mural?  I dunno, first I'll have to get a look at  your daughter... 

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