Here are the [suggested] layouts for my two 4' x 4' panels in the Art Show at Orycon 39 (November 17-19, 2017 at Portland Oregon's Jantzen Beach Red Lion Inn), followed by my artist's statement, and then by individual images of my paintings, the auctions of which will each start at $1 –– but first it costs $70 to get into the convention!

Two of these paintings fluoresce under ultraviolet light, and the purplish rectangles mark the placement of blacklight led keyfobs to edify viewers

Pink Floyd and the Dawn of Space Music ("Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun")
28" x 15"

Crystal Blue Persuasion (or "Promise Her ANYTHING!")
22" x 28"

20" x 16"

Let Sleeping Dragons Die!
36" x 24"

Rogue Planet
24" x 18"

Unification Theory
12" x 12"

Thank you for looking!

~ John Granacki
Master of Space & Time