Art Show ~ NORWESCON 43 ~ Seattle*
Paintings by John Granacki, Master of Space&Time

Lately I've been painting on fairly small canvases, largely due to the difficulties of transporting big paintings to conventions, but since we're going virtual this year I thought I'd share some of my larger (and older) pieces, some of which were previously exhibited at Worldcon, Westercon and Orycon, along with some others which I've only shown locally in and around my present base of Grants Pass, Oregon. Some of these have already been acquired by collectors, but those which are still available should be listed in my Etsy store, John's Folly, where you will also find prints.
* virtual Seattle in 2021

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Ships from Earth
An ultraviolet-enhanced triptych of a world orbiting the twin suns Sirius A and Sirius B, mounted in a shadowbox frame lined with a black-light LED strip, featuring a schooner in the harbor and an interstellar transport in the sky -- this is a landscape painted en plein aire on Sirius Prime, the year before last, just as harvest season was getting underway. The schooner in the left panel is derived from a copper etching print done by Chesley Bonestell circa 1913, and how it made its way to Sirius is a mystery. The likeliest of suspects are the blood Princes of Amber (probably Gerard).
In the upper-center right-panel, twinkling under the gaze of the smaller red Sun, is what appears to be a starship with a General Products hull #4. I'm guessing that it's piloted by Beowulf "Bey" Shaeffer.

The End of the World
The black hole is represented by a spherical ball of hematite, making this a "mixed-media" piece without even having to consider the ultraviolet fluorescence and the black-light box frame (Power transformer incuded!)

Pink Floyd & the Dawn of Space Music ("Set the controls for the Heart of the Sun")
28" x 15" Acrylic on stretched canvas, UV Fluorescent SOLD

Rogue Planet
16"" x 20" Acrylic on stretched canvas SOLD

The Emigrants: Going Forward, Looking Back 18" x 36", acrylic with a touch of UV fluoresence on the dashboard lights.
I was using my time-travel app to pursue a bit of reverse genealogy, and it seems the fellow on the left is my 4th great-Grandson. My device blew a flux capacitor before I could learn much about his traveling companion but I sure hope things work out between them, because I'm kind of looking forward to having some 5th great-Grandchildren (and I don't like being disappointed!)

Rogue Rendezvous
Myself and a friend, heading upriver on a fine Saturday morning, just because.

Crystal Blue Persuasion 22" x 28" ~ "Promise her ANYTHING" has always been like a motto to me, figuring I could work out the delivery details later... SOLD

The Woman on the Moon Created the Milky Way to Feed Her Cats
22" x 28" ~ One of my many rebuttals to mythology mogul Joseph W. Campbell, who absurdly posited that humanity was somehow suffering because new mythologies aren't being created to replace the older ones which are ever more quickly falling into obsolescence. My solution, obviously, was to accept and embrace the obsolescence from the start! SOLD

Break Time!
20" round ~ I painted this when I was practically a kid, and then took it to my first Westercon in 1979, but it didn't sell. Then my grandmother commandeered it, and then my dad grabbed it when she passed, but it's finally back on my own wall, where I and the spirits of my ancestors can all enjoy it!

...seems like a good name for a dragon. 24" x 30"

©2021 John Granacki, Master of Space & Time

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